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LEDIndustry Profile

  Currently, lighting consumes about 20% of the entire power consumption, significantly reduce lighting energy consumption is an important way. LED is its inherent superiority to attract the attention of the world. United States, Japan and Taiwan and other countries benefits of LED lighting has been forecast, the United States 55% of incandescent lamps, LED lamp is replaced, the annual electricity savings of $ 35 billion, reduce annual 755 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Japan, 100% of the incandescent LED, 1-2 nuclear power plants to reduce power output, annual savings of 1 billion liters of crude oil consumption. Taiwan, 25% of incandescent and fluorescent lamps are LED to replace 100% of annual savings of 11 billion kWh. LED lights also will form a huge industry $ 50 billion market. In recent years, companies around the world have introduced lighting LED semiconductor lighting program, the establishment of National Key Laboratory, invested heavily in research and development. First to occupy the forefront of the field of LED lighting.

     Our data show that the electricity used for lighting each year close to 25 billion kWh, of which one-third if the use of LED lighting could save 80 billion per year of electricity, roughly equivalent to an annual power generation of Three Gorges power station, to alleviate China's increasingly serious energy crisis, electricity shortage will play a huge positive effect. To this end, our special set up a "National Commission on Illumination," by the Ministry of Science, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Information Industry and other relevant government departments to support the introduction of national semiconductor lighting project. LED industry base to establish and promote the healthy development of China's LED industry is expected in 2010, the Chinese LED industry output will exceed 150 billion yuan.

    Theme from the second LED Industry Forum (2009 Shenzhen) was informed, LED (semiconductor lighting) industry has rapidly developed into the most energy saving efficiency and stimulating growth of high-tech industry a sunrise industry. Shenzhen, China's largest LED industry as an important base in the semiconductor lighting technology and product research, development, production and application has reached more than 700 companies, accounting for nearly half.

According to reports, China has formed a complete industrial chain of LED with including Shenzhen, Xiamen, Dalian, Shanghai, Nanchang, Yangzhou, Shijiazhuang seven LED industry base in product R & D, engineering and achieved rapid development. Among them, Shenzhen now has more than 700 types of LED with 2008 annual production value of more than 18 billion, has become a major global LED backlight production, supply base and the country's largest LED industry base.

Starting this year, Shenzhen will be for 3 years, research funds from the city $ 100 million special fund industry, efforts to promote the LED industry. Shenzhen LED industry, the future development of the main goal is by 2010 the output value of $ 28 billion in 2015 to form the scale of 130 billion yuan output value, of which 10 billion yuan output value of enterprises with more than 10 or more.

LED is the world's most promising in recent years, high-tech fields, one with a long life, low energy consumption, small size, fast response, seismic resistance to low temperature, pollution and other outstanding benefits, known as the fourth-generation light source or green light, the history of mankind following the incandescent lighting, fluorescent landmark after another leap.

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